Danielle Lemieux

Director of Live Events, VOX Agency

Always there to offer a helping hand, Danielle Lemieux has a rich history working behind the scenes to bring a unique touch to a wide range of events. Her loyalty to live entertainment was cultivated in the Northern Ontario music and film sector before steering Danielle towards Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2012.

When you first meet Danielle, her laughter and casual nature immediately set the tone. Approaching each engagement with fresh ideas, a positive outlook, and a deep-rooted understanding of all the pieces that must come together to make any vision a success, she works hard to ensure every little detail is accounted for.

Her experience in many different fields such as live audio and tech, festival management, talent negotiations, and promotional consulting offers Danielle a well-rounded perspective on event coordination. Flexible and dependable, she is an organizational powerhouse. Logistics are her forte. Whether coordinating with suppliers, artists, venues, or agents, Danielle has all the bases covered.

Compassionate and warm-hearted, Danielle also works with the MS Society of Canada where she is helping to create and implement peer support groups and to gather resources from across the country to promote wellness strategies and education for those living with multiple sclerosis.



Founder & Agent, VOX Agency

The first in line and the last to leave, Stephanie Purcell has been devoted to the events industry for nearly 15 years. Her passion for live entertainment followed her from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia where she has become an award-winning agent and manager.

It only takes one phone call to hear the excitement in Stephanie’s voice when she’s helping someone find talent for an event. A distinct East Coast energy reverberates through the phone lines and onto the page when she’s booking a high profile comedian, an in-demand music act, or a thought-provoking speaker.

For the last decade, she has helped bring events of all kinds to life. Working closely with clients to realize their vision, no matter how big or small, Stephanie prides herself on sweating the small stuff. Enthusiastic, ambitious, and trusted, Stephanie is with you every step of the way - from the idea to the stage. She is an expert in creating the perfect atmosphere with the right live performance.

Whether choosing acts from her own exclusive roster such as iconic Canadian comedian Steve Patterson (The Debaters), premiere R&B funk band The Mellotones, and incredibly powerful speaker Tareq Hadhad, the founder of Peace By Chocolate, or recruiting international superstars like The Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj, and regional heroes such as Alan Doyle, David Myles, and Joel Plaskett, Stephanie can help you book anyone.

A natural leader, Stephanie is also Chair of the Board of Directors for the Halifax Pop Explosion working to elevate the esteemed music festival’s reputation and legacy within the national music community for the last three years.


This project is supported by Investment from the Province of Nova Scotia through Music Nova Scotia under its Music Nova Scotia Investment Program.