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“Neville provided our conference with a closing motivational talk. He was well recieved and provided a much needed laugh on a Friday afternoon following alot of heavy informative topics. He took the time to know his target audience. He was ‘fabulous’!”

— Danielle Henri, CHICA NS

“Saying “Thank you” for your time spent at the NSAHO Continuing Care Forum December 13th doesn’t seem to fully express our gratitude. Watching the faces of often overworked, overwhelmed and underappreciated colleagues providing continuing care services to Nova Scotians relaxing and taking the opportunity to “Smell the Roses” through your time with us was beyond our wildest hopes and expectations. Your exquisite floral arrangements were as expected…exquisite! But your genuine compassion and appreciation for the work of providing quality care to Nova Scotians was noted by all and greatly valued by participants! Fun, with a message is what we asked for…we got that and more! You’ve been the talk of the town ever since baby! Thanks!”

—Shawna Elliott, Nova Scotia Association of Health Organizations

“Neville was outstanding! He had our group captivated from the moment he started handing out flowers. Neville did a great job entertaining and inspiring and was able to connect his life experiences to our groups. Would highly recommend him to any group needing some laughter and real world pearls of wisdom!”

— Don Walker, Manager, Nova Scotian Health Care Purchasing

“Neville was perfect for our audiences – sales support and operations professionals. After one and a half days of intense training we needed to close our development sessions with someone fun who also conveyed heartfelt and meaningful messages. Neville delivered. He was excellent!”

— Fiona Cuddy, Assistant Vice-President, Distribution Operations Support London Life

Neville MacKay


Neville MacKay is a highly talented retailer and floral designer who is well known throughout the Floral Industry and beyond for his creative flare, quality workmanship and entertaining personality.  He's affectionately referred to as "That Bloomin' Neville!" (among other things!)

Neville appears as an expert and entertainer on many national and local TV and radio shows across Canada, and is sought-after Internationally as an expert presenter.  Neville also owns and operates a cutting-edge floral and retail gift shop in Halifax, My Mother’s Bloomers, with his partner of 25 years.

Besides running the shop, Neville also hosts tours to the UK, and has taken the stage across Canada and beyond as emcee, auctioneer, host and Keynote Speaker, artfully telling his story along with the magic of making those in his presence feel inspired, connected and entertained. His philanthropy work has led to him receiving many awards, including a commendation from the Nova Scotia Lt. Governor.  He's designed floral arrangements for celebrities and Heads of State, including Rod Stewart, Glen Close, Sirs Elton John and Paul McCartney and members of the British Royal Family. Neville writes for and his work has been featured in many publications Internationally, (and has also written a book!)   and is an accredited Floral Judge World Flower Council.

To check out all things “Neville” on Social Media, the easiest is to google him! (there’s a lot!

Mostly, Neville LOVES flowers, and loves to share their power and beauty with everyone he can.

Speaking topics

Keeping Your Head Screwed On Even When You're Spinning Off in ALL Directions!

We ALL have more on the go now more so than ever before, and living in the "NOW, not LATER!" world is challenging at the best of times!

Sometimes, don't you just want to run, hide in the bushes, or simply make a grab at someone's throat?

Well, you're not alone. Neville has been there, done that, and (Literally!) written the book! Having been on the front lines of the Retail Industry for over 30 years has given Neville a lot of knowledge about the world, and he'll share with you some stories, as well as tips and tricks he uses to create a balance that stops him from going over the edge. 

 Sit back and hold on...Neville is going to take you on a wild ride!


Balance Isn't Just for SeeSaws!

Do you remember even what a "SeeSaw" even is? Well, it's all about Balance....do you even remember what THAT is?

We live in a crazy world of "DO IT NOW!" and " HURRY UP!!" and its more and more difficult to not only take a breath to actually enjoy the moment, let alone prepare for the next "thing". (Try being a florist....we have to order Christmas in January, and need to order flowers MONTHS ahead for Holidays!)

 Neville, through his stories from the Front Lines of the Floral Industry, will show you ways to stop and take that moment we all need to enjoy the beauty of the day.

This is going to be a fast, fun and "flowery" time, so sit back and hold on tight!!!